Sunday, March 18, 2007

Incy wincy spider...

Thoughts recorded on March 05, 2007...

Just got off the phone with Ayah and the kids - was updated with their monthly tests results. All the worrying about them (especially with Hilman : refer to earlier posting on Personality +) was quite unnecessary, I guess...

Anyway, we would normally end our nightly conversation with the kids passing the phone to Ayah last, but tonight, Ayah had to ask me to speak to Hilman (again) after I spoke to him - reason being : Hilman didn't want to go to the toilet to do whatever needed to be done, brush his teeth, etc., - reason being : he saw a spider in there this morning...

Ayah said, "Mommy, I think you'd better speak to Hilman and pujuk him to go to toilet... I have tried, but he still refuses to go...". And I said, "Okay, I'll try..."

Here goes -

Me : Hello again, sayang...

Hilman : Hello, Mommy...

Me : What's the matter, sayang? Ayah told me that you didn't want to go to toilet and brush your teeth?

Hilman : Uh-uh.

Me : Why?

Hilman : Because I saw a big spider in there this morning.

Me : big was the spider, sayang?

Hilman : This big... (I can just imagine him trying to describe the size to me with his cute little chubby fingers).

Me : How big? You have to TELL me, sayang, because I cannot see you.

Hilman : (5 second pause. I think he was trying to estimate the size of the spider....Then it came -) One inch.

Me : One inch?! Hmmmm.... That's not big, is it?

Hilman : (He quickly quipped) I mean - TWO inch.

Me : Ok, Hilman...Can Mommy ask you something?

Hilman : Uh-uh.

Me : How big are you?

Hilman : Mmmmmmm....... (trying really had to find the right figure to describe his size) Errrr.... six thousand inch.

Me : Ok, now.... who is bigger? The two-inch spider, or the 6000-inch you?

Hilman : Me.

Me : Ok... You're bigger than the spider, right?

Hilman : Uh-uh.

Me : Are you still scared of the incy wincy little spider?

Hilman : Uh-uh.

Me : (Hmmmm...this is not going anywhere is it?! How am I going to convince him that the spider was probably more scared of him than he, of the spider?! Anyway....) Don't worry, Hilman... The spider will not harm you, ok?

Hilman : Mommy, what is "harm"?

Me : It means "kacau" (that's the only word that I could think of to use to make an innocent 6 year old understand, I guess). The spider will not kacau you, okay?

Hilman : (Pretty quiet for about 5 seconds, then -) Bye, Mommy... (and he put down the phone!!)

And I thought to myself - Hmmmmm...ZERO POINT for me tonight...

If ONLY I was there for him to face the incy wincy spider...

But then again, I don't think I can do anything to help him there - considering my 12,000 inch self is so, so, (I MEAN) SO scared of a 2 inch cockroach myself....

So, to all mothers out there who sometimes try to act "macho" in front of your kids - all for the right reasons (I'm sure?), wherever you are.... Don't you think we REALLY have to convince OURSELVES first of whatever it is that we are trying to convince our kids - then only, they'll buy it from us....? Wink...wink...


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