Sunday, March 18, 2007

My favourite pair of jeans...

Thoughts recorded on February 11, 2007...

I was having lunch with a dear friend and her family yesterday when she asked me when I would be posting another entry. She said that she always looks forward to what I have to write every time, and somehow her lunch break is much more interesting now. Thank you, dear... I'll take that as a compliment. Anyway, she somewhat answered her own question when she then said to herself, that I am here to do my PhD and not write a blog... Hahaha...Thank you (again), dear...for reminding me. I do sometimes forget that...(wink, wink!)

Anyway, I did quite a bit of work yesterday and it IS Sunday today - my vacuuming and my ironing day, AND I think it would be a good blogging day, too... So, here I am!

Speaking of ironing, I did a bit of that just now. My once a week rigmural here in Newcastle (N.B. Back home I would be Ma'am Besar because the maid would do it for me!!) Anyway, when I TRY to do my ironing, what I would normally do is- I would take out everything which has been washed, dried and hanged the week before (unironed of course), put them on the bed and iron them lovingly...(I wished!!!) And I was doing just that when I noticed that I had 3 pairs of jeans unironed, whereas I had only been wearing one pair for the last 3 weeks or so. (Excuse me, that did not include the trackbottoms and the other ungodly stay-at-home pants that I did wear inter-changeably in the last 3 weeks, ok?!)

I have a white Goggles, a black Levis and and a blue GAP jeans... and the one that I kept on wearing was the last one - my blue Boot Cut Stretch GAP jeans.

And I asked myself, what is it about THAT jeans that makes me just love it so much? And I actually made a "because" list (that just goes to show how bored I was!), which goes something like this -

1 - it was the first Size 2R jeans that I could fit in comfortably, and it was SUCH an accomplishment for me when I bought it in December 2005, because the previous GAP jeans that I bought in March 2004 was a Size 8R! I had ALWAYS, ALWAYS before that day wished that I could find and fit in a Size 2 designer jeans perfect for me;

2 - even though I have gained/lost 2-3kgs from the day I bought that jeans, it somehow accommodates my weight gain and losses well and it ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable.

3 - it looks good.

4 - and I look good in it (well...I think so! I don't care what other people think! Hahaha!!!)

And it suddenly occured to me that I also have ANOTHER pair of favourite jeans, because it has all the "because" criteria listed above-

- because it was such an accomplishment for me when I got this particular jeans - it has everything that I was looking for in a jeans, a perfect jeans for ME;

- this particular jeans has accommodated me very well from the first day I had it - when I was fat, when I was thin, when I was up, when I was down; and it ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable whatever, shapes, sizes and forms I'm in;

- this particular jeans is the best-looking jeans around (well, in my eyes, it is perfect!);

- and we look good together... this particular jeans and I...

So, sorry Ayah, for today I have reduced you to being just a pair of jeans - MY FAVOURITE PAIR OF JEANS! And I know that I'm your favourite pair of jeans, too ...and I pray that I will always be until I'm all torn and tattered... Luv ya!!

And Hanna, Hasya and Hilman, if you each could find a pair of jeans which is as good (or even HALF as good) as MY favourite pair of jeans, I know you all will be truly blessed...

To all those favourite pair of jeans out there, wherever you are, whenever you are one - in the past, in the present and in the future... Be thankful that you get or got to be someone's favourite pair of jeans...

To all those who, through no faults or choices of your own, may have been overlooked or missed by those looking out for their favourite pair of jeans... don't worry... Your favourite pair of jeans is somewhere out there... Go shopping every now and then, eh?


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